FilMiC Fest - video konkurrence (for $100.000 i præmier)

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FilMiC Fest - video konkurrence (for $100.000 i præmier)

Indlæg Skrevet: 31. aug 2019, 19:38

Jeg går ud fra, at de fleste af jer har FilMiC Pro herinde eller? Det er i hvert fald et krav.

Slutter 30. september

We have Prize Packages for 6 talented winners in 6 categories including Fiction, Documentary, Travel, Music, Experimental and Made on Mobile (shot & edited on mobile.) We also have a DJI Mavic Air Drone available for best Behind The Scenes content.

Vær OBS på punkt nr 7 nedenfor.

1. Submit your video in one of these categories: Fiction, Documentary, Travel, Music, Experimental and Made on Mobile (shot and edited on mobile.)

2. The video must be 5 minutes or less.*
(*music videos can run the length of the song, if the song is over 5 minutes.)

3. The film must be shot 70% or more using FiLMiC Pro. Ancillary drone, DSLR, animation or other footage acceptable up to 30%.

4. Submissions must include a FiLMiC bumper or a custom logo branding of FiLMiC in the credits (4K and 1080p Bumpers Provided Below – Click to Download.)

5. To enter the contest click on the ‘submit here’ button near the top of this page.

6. Music must be licensed and use a model release where necessary. **Every contest entry will receive a free music license from The Music Bed. Please click the box below for your free license.

7. All international winners are responsible for any and all import tariffs or import tax on prize shipments or cash prizes.

8. For all other Official Terms and Conditions please click the button below:

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